Sport is serious business and I am seriously dedicated to it. As a business graduate with sport management insight and international background, I have unique understanding of sport and unique skills to work within this great industry. You can view my detailed PROFILE on this website, read my thoughts about sport in my BLOGS, or simply CONTACT me if you share the same passion in sport and want me to work for any possible opportunity.

Life is all about choices.

I grew up in a well-educated family in Chengdu, China. Since my childhood, I showed outstanding talents and strong interests in different types of sports. At the same time, I inherited the intelligence of my dear parents and did perfectly on textbooks and exams. So when I was asked by my coach in primary school whether I would join a soccer school and pursue a pro-athlete career, that was perceived as an “unwise” option by my family and myself.

Then my life was no much different from the normal “good” students in China, until I moved to Hong Kong and entered the business school of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, which is considered as one of the most prestigious B-schools in Asia. The four-year program successfully trained me into a young professional ready for the business world, and I did successfully became a management trainee for a large, listed logistic group company after my graduation. However, when I realized the most joyful and thrilling moments during my time in Hong Kong was playing college soccer and organized sport ECAs for my student unions, I resigned the decent job and began thinking about getting into the sport industry.

Nobody could be more determined or productive than the one figures out what he wants in life. After my resignation, I applied several Sport Management graduate programs, researched the industry in China and US, and worked a couple of internship / volunteer jobs in half a year. In August 2010, I got the admission from Master of Sport Management program, Indiana University. Then the new chapter began with unlimited possibilities I was going to explore.

At this moment, I have been the marketing intern of NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of Ameica), the U-15 Soccer Coach and Assistant Marketing Director of Cutters Soccer Club, the billiard instructor of Indiana University and have worked in several sport events in US. With these work experiences, the academic background and the network I built up, I feel ready to officially break into the industry after my graduation in the coming May, 2012.

Life is all about choices, and I choose to live close to my dream.